Research highlights

My interests are directed towards mathematical modeling of physical phenomena and numerical simulations with relevance to engineering based problems. My research areas of expertise are in numerical analysis, finite element methods, algebraic multigrid solvers and preconditioners, numerical upscaling for porous media flow, multilevel methods for uncertainty quantification, computational fluid dynamics, and PDE-constrained optimization.

As a research associate at ICES, I am working on advanced parallel numerical algorithms for large-scale inverse problems, uncertainty quantification, and optimization under uncertainty. In addition, I am interested in applying multilevel techniques to the solution of stochastic partial differential equations, including Multilevel Monte-Carlo and hierarchical sampling of spatially correlated random fields.

Find me on: Google Scholar, Academia, or Research Gate.

Two-phases flow AMGe Random field
Two-phases porous media flow Hierarchy of agglomerated meshes for element-based AMG Gaussian random field with prescribed covariance kernel